Consider these my ``favorite things``! I've gathered the best of the best, gift goodies for all budgets and literary tastes. I'm not liable or responsible for anything and everything having to do with these outside vendors, shipping, shops, items, copyright, websites blah blah blah. Prices are subject to change. Have fun shopping and try not to buy too much for yourself!

Lemony Snicket Vegan Soap $5.00

Alice/Austen Book Blanket $115.00+

Poe Fo Sho Unisex Sweatshirt $29.99

Reading Poster $10.55+

Custom Book Cover Locket $15.00

To Kill a Mockingbird Clutch $78.00

Pablo Neruda Unisex Shirt $23.95

Sherlock Holmes Necktie $24.00

Maya Angelou Cookie Cutter $6.50

Bookstagrammer Mug $17.06

Typewriter Leggings $49.99

Shakespeare Sweatshirt $40.00+

Yule Ball Candle $16.00

Langston Hughes Shower Curtain $89.00+

Literature Wall Art $15.00+

Book Band for Apple Watch $42.00

Books Lampshade $108.36

Romeo and Juliet Tights $24.90+

100 Bucket List Books Scratch Off Poster 12.99GBP

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Socks 9.95GBP

Book Rest Lamp 42.00GBP

Louisa May Alcott iPhone Case $9.95+

Legal Pad Bowtie $43.00+

Tale of Peter Rabbit Poster $12.00+

Chuck Palahniuk Screen Print Poster $15.00

William Blake Soy Candle $17.00

Reader Ceramic Travel Mug $25.95

Funny Literary Matchboxes $6.50

"Paper" Towel $14.00

Anne of Green Gables Chiffon Scarf $60.00

Stephen King Magnetic Bookmark $3.90

Cthulhu Pillow $25.50

Library Enamel Pin $9.59

Dracula Doormat 20.00GBP

Judy Blume Online Masterclass $90.00

Agatha Christie Towel 7.95GBP

Pride and Prejudice Earrings $16.85

Jane Eyre Loose Leaf Tea $12.00

The Jungle Books Library Card Print $12.00+

Hemingway Beard Oil $9.99

Winterfell Soy Candle $14.40

Gandalf Car Decal $7.00

Maternity Due Date Shirt $34.95

W.E.B. Du Bois Print $25.00

The Baby-Sitters Club/Stranger Things Unisex Shirt $19.50

Jane Austen Vegan Wallet $51.95+

Walden Candle $18.00

"Always" Harry Potter 10K Gold Ring $225.00+

Large Hobbit Hole $3290.00+

Carson McCullers Unisex Shirt $33.46

Alice in Wonderland Beanie $25.00

Nancy Drew Enamel Pin $11.00

Outlander Leather Book Bag $90.00+

Check Me Out Business Card Holder $14.00

Poe Embroidered Canvas Bag $35.00

Austen's Persuasion Cuff Bracelet $45.00

Dorothy Parker Boxed Card Collection $24.00

Stephen King Books Pillowcase $35.00

Toni Morrison Unisex Shirt $12.00

"Lestat" Nail Polish $12.00

Alice in Wonderland Umbrella $19.49

Literature Ladies Enamel Pin $9.59

Anne of Avonlea Fragrance $41.10

Ray Bradbury Pencil $3.53

1984 Unisex Sweatshirt $42.00

Kurt Vonnegut Pilsner Glass $14.00

Jane Austen Tea $3.42

Book Bedside Table Lamp $103.49+

Beloved Author Magnetic Bookmarks $10.75

Book Sling $199.00+

Crime and Punishment Shirt $15.99+

Hunter S. Thompson Key Chain $12.00

Books Shower Curtain $88.00

Every Day I'm Mugglin' Water Bottle $12.00

Books Pet Bowtie $8.00

Don Quixote Shirt $28.00

Stamped Spoon $18.00

Rebecca Print Download $5.00

Catcher in the Rye Tights $24.00

Rumi Yoga Sweatshirt $38.00

Hogwarts House Chocolate Frogs $8.00+

Thoreau Shirt $24.95

Alice Walker Necklace $6.00

Kant Literary Tote $19.20

Les Miserables Sachets $18.00

Lord of the Rings Underwear 3 Pack $38.00

Charlotte's Web Mug $15.00

Neil Gaiman Poster Download $6.90

Book Lover Wine Glass $18.00

Charles Dickens Poster $20.75

Charles Bukowski Shirt $23.00

Winnie the Pooh Map $10.00+

Bronte Sisters Mug $16.00

Wooden Boat Bookshelf $75.00

Wizard of Oz Book Clutch $73.22 (1 left!)

Writer's Bifold Wallet $31.00

Phillis Wheatley Ornament $17.95

The Balm on Mango Street Lip Balm $3.95

Bookstore Enamel Pin $10.00

Alice in Wonderland Throw Blanket $58.29

Book Cover Dress $157.25+

Children's Books Pouch $22.00+

Mary Shelley Metal Bookmark $12.00

e.e. cummings Wall Decal $25.20+

Oscar Wilde iPhone Case $25.00+

Gone With the Wind Canvas Notebook $11.00+

Dracula Writing Gloves $26.00

Little Prince Unisex Shirt $23.00

Emily Dickinson Soft Doll 16.95GBP

Leather Book Cufflinks 30.00GBP

Who Am I? Literary Game 7.50GBP

Phantom of the Opera Soap $6.99

Mordor Shirt $20.73

Penguin Library Wallpaper 65.00GBP

Prince Purple Rain on Books Art $24.61

Virginia Woolf Copper Leather Bracelet $42.00 (1 left!)

Literary Tote Bag $30.00+

Book Cover Locket $11.62

Book Stair Decals $25.00+

Zora Neale Hurston Poster $12.00+

Fyodor Dostoevsky Print $24.61

Science Fiction Bath Salts $14.00

Fox Fabric Book Cover $12.99

Ulysses Drinking Glass $14.00

Laura Ingalls Wilder Collector Doll $53.00

Library Card Book Scarf $35.00+

Custom Literary Bath Set $21.00+

Sherman Alexie Sainted Writer Candle $15.00

The Velveteen Rabbit Book Charm $39.00+

DICK, A Moby Dick Party Game $19.95

Storybook Signs $60.00+

Fight Club Soap $5.00

Custom Made Bee Typewriter $220.00+

Bronze Shakespeare Bracelet $88.88

Isabel Allende Poster $12.00+

1 Dozen Custom Children's Book Cookies $96.00

Ramona Quimby, Ramones Poster $10.00

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Bath Towel $27.40


Nikki Torres was a manager for Barnes & Noble for 15 years, in seven stores, and represented B&N on Channel 2’s Living Dayton Show for two years. Nikki was a D.J. for the radio show, The Absolute World with Nicolina, on 88.3FM WAIF, for two seasons. She is now Chief Operations Officer at LexTotus, home of LexVita and LexSchola. Nikki is a volunteer for Ms. JD. Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as an adult, she has become an advocate for the disabled, working with the National Association of Attorneys with Disabilities (NAAD) on mentorship projects. Nikki is part of the team that received the FAMU Law School’s BLSA 2016 Spirit of Service Award for promoting diversity in the legal profession.

Nikki is first generation American on her father’s side. Her paternal family lives in Santiago, Chile. She is third generation American on her mother’s side and they are French-Canadian.

When not working, Nikki is building websites and writing. She has wrapped up her new YA novel, Young Nation (Launch Pad Competition Honorable Mention) and is currently writing sequels to This Red Fire (Launch Pad Competition Top 10 Finalist) and Girls Who Wear Glasses. Her favorite book of all time is, The Complete Sherlock Holmes. She prefers to live in the country and is a new aunt to a potential bookworm.


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