My Book Made the Top 10!

Super awesome writer news. My book, This Red Fire has just made the Top 10 in the Launch Pad Competition! I NEVER thought my book would make the Top 25 of this contest much less the Top 10. When I found out, the neighbor in the house next to mine probably heard my scream. My dog thought there was something wrong with me.


Here’s a little bit about my novel, This Red Fire…


Mystery, Thriller, Suspense


One spring evening all of the residents in the rural town of Calliope, Nebraska are murdered. There are no witnesses and there were no calls for help.

The nearest police station is 30 miles away and Sheriff Evelyn Hartley has to bear the burden of the case. Hartley, a single mother who lost her child months before in a freak accident, becomes obsessed with finding the only two missing citizens of Calliope – a pair of young siblings. When the FBI pushes her out and talk of terrorism looms, Hartley has to work on her own to make sure it doesn’t happen again, somewhere else.


The White Man (Winter 2018)

A young babysitter is kidnapped in a small Alaska town. Agent Hartley is sent to investigate only to find out that the citizens believe the girl was taken by a creature who has been killing women for over 100 years.

The Brass Box (prequel)

Early one morning, a teenage Amish girl is found screaming in a Nebraska field, naked and covered in blood, with no memory of the previous evening. One county over, an Amish family is discovered murdered inside of their barn. Detective Severs partners up with newly elected Sheriff Hartley to unveil a deadly secret, covered up for decades.

These Blue Shoes

An American congressman’s son goes missing on an island in Canada. Agent Hartley and her new assistant are sent to investigate without much help from the FBI. What looks like a simple case of a young man running from his debts takes a sinister turn when Hartley learns that other residents have been vanishing without a trace.

Did You Know?

Most of the characters in This Red Fire are named after real-life missing people whose cases have gone cold. I did this hoping that it would give their stories more attention as most are over 40 years old and practically forgotten. Read more about Evelyn Grace Hartley’s case (the one closest to my heart) HERE.


Please contact Tracking Board/ Launch Pad regarding inquiries about This Red Fire. You can pre-order a copy HERE.


Nicolina Torres
Nicolina Torres

When not working, Nikki is building websites and writing. She is the author of This Red Fire and Young Nation. She prefers to live in the country and is a new aunt to a potential bookworm.

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