Agatha Christie is Missing

Agatha Christie is one of the greatest mystery novelists of all time but when she was a young woman, she was the subject of a mystery greater than any she could put to paper. You could say that Agatha was the original Gone Girl.

Agatha had a good life. Her books were well received and selling. She traveled the world with her husband, Archibald, and they had a healthy daughter. Then, on December 3rd, 1926, after 12 years of marriage, Archibald drops the bomb on Agatha and tells her he is in love with another woman and wants a divorce. Then he takes off to the house of his mistress.

So that night (around 9:30pm), Agatha leaves a note telling her secretary that she is driving to Yorkshire. Christie never made it. The police found her car abandoned near a quarry with her clothes inside and all hell broke loose.

Archibald’s affair was exposed and he was vilified in the newspapers. Signs pointed to foul play and most people suspected him of harming the famous author. Almost 20,000 volunteers were out looking for her, scouring the English countryside. Ten days later, Agatha was found unharmed and staying at The Swan Hotel, listed under the surname of her husband’s mistress. Agatha went back home and she and Archibald ended up divorcing two years later, neither of them ever speaking of the event to anyone. Doctors thought Agatha had been overcome by amnesia but we all know what she was doing. Her point was to embarrass him and good for her, she did.


Nicolina Torres
Nicolina Torres

Nikki worked for Barnes & Noble for 15 years, in seven stores. She is the author of This Red Fire, Young Nation, and Girls Who Wear Glasses. She prefers to live in the country and is a new aunt to a potential bookworm.

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