GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy 5/21/18

Here’s the 411 on what happens with your personal information on my site which is not much. Seriously. It’s just my blog.

This site is of my own creation, so I have personally added all plugins. No one else has ever had access to the backend of this site. There are two plugins that show outside user activity. The first plugin is Mailchimp Forms by Optin Cat. A dashboard feature of this plugin shows me how many site visitors I have everyday and it’s not connected to Google Analytics. Google Analytics APP exists for, but is not attached to the site right now and hasn’t been in over a year. Mailchimp Forms by Optin Cat only shows page clicks. I have no idea who these visitors are. No one’s name shows up. That information is not available to me and does not show up on my backend. I repeat, I have no idea who you are.

If you never comment on my articles, this next part has nothing to do with you so you can pass. The second information collecting plugin is Comments Evolved for WordPress. Now, all WP themes with a blog option come with a comments-for-blog feature. I don’t like these because commenters can remain anonymous and it’s easy for all hell to break loose. I don’t have time to police comments on my site. Comments Evolved for WordPress plugin forces all comments on articles to be linked to either your Google account or Facebook account. That way if you’re being a jerk or a bully to myself or my users or trying to hack or add spam, I can report you to Google or Facebook. There are consequences for bad behavior. When you comment using Google or Facebook with this plugin, only your name, photo, and location pop up for myself and users on the web page you’ve commented on. Comments and replies are not tracked and compiled on the backed with this plugin, unlike WP theme comments. There’s no secret backend information for me unless I click on your name and are taken to your profile page which, if it’s private, will not allow me or anyone else in. Your privacy settings on Google and Facebook are functional with this plugin.

Neither of these plugins collect backend user data for

A few months ago, I had WP theme generic blog comments on my site. When I added the Comments Evolved for WordPress plugin for testing, all of these comments disappeared never to return. That website comment “wipe out” was unintentional at the time and irreversible.

I have attached an SSL certificate to my site, giving security posting on web browsers and with anti-virus add-ons. No personal information is gathered with SSL certificates. Extra security has been added using the plugin BackupGuard. The only thing this plugin does is back up this website in case it crashes.

Nikki Torres

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