Killer Angels – Fear the Walking Dead Review – “Pillars of Salt”

So this was the episode that showed the characters slowly making their way back to one another. I enjoyed it, especially the ending when Travis, and Travis alone, was seen heading towards the spoooky hotel in the fog. I’m sure he had to flee from his son and I like where this is going.

“Pillar of Salt” gave us a lot of everything. O’Henry candy bar heiress and mother of the bride didn’t like the news of Strand being the angel of death for her undead daughter. So she stabbed him. Wounding one of my favorite characters makes her Public Enemy #1 and a satisfying death when the time comes. It looks like Strand will recover but I wasn’t that worried because there aren’t any side characters for us to get attached to, yet. I give props to Madison and kick ass daughter, Alicia, for having the restraint to not get immediate vengeance for their friend. It shows how far these characters are, from where they will be when they catch up with TWD.

So they lock the mother of the bride up in a hotel room and I’m sure she won’t kill anyone. Right?

Madison is getting close with the other wedding party guests who saw she was a formidable leader after risking her life to get those walkers into the riptide, last week. There are real signs of progress as the generator is worked on and crops are planted. Strand even cleaned up the bar that he and Madison trashed. Alicia is flirting with a cute surfer who’s giving her lessons. It was nice to have a moment of lighthearted hope. Then there was the stabbing. Madison put the smack down on her new group, telling them that any more violence will lead to banishment.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the religious leader is showing signs of paranoia after an adorable girl and her parents escaped the commune’s clutches in the cold opener. You get the hint that there is something more sinister going on that we don’t know about so I’m intrigued. They don’t address it so for now, Alejandro is grilling Luciana, sure that she knew about this impending escape. I’m thinking he’s going to (as Nick so eloquently put it in “We All Fall Down”) Jonestown everyone. Those scenes with Alejandro were electric and just showcases what a damn fine actor, Paul Calderon, is.

This is probably not the best time for him to lose it because what do we have here? One of the gang members spying on Nick and his new community! You know, one of the grocery store gang members who just started getting nosy about where this place was located? Looks like there could be trouble and if leader, Alejandro is losing his grip, this doesn’t bode well for everyone else. In the meantime, he has banned anyone from leaving the compound which means keeping the grocery store gang from their Oxy. This won’t go well.


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Run. I heard Ofelia is in this episode.


So how did Strand escape certain death by infection? Well, around the corner is a little grocery store. The grocery store gang. Oh, and what a coincidence, one of the hotel guest’s brothers is a gang member there. I don’t like the idea of giving Strand Nick’s watered down medication but whatever works. As Madison makes the exchange, she hears about a gringo giving them drugs and her first instinct is to assume it’s her son. You can’t blame her. Gringo. Drugs. It was an easy connection.

And for fuck’s sake, here comes Ofelia, having stolen the truck Strand was using to help them escape. It turns out she didn’t jump off of the hotel roof but only went on a road trip, I assumed to find her father but after a flashback, it looks like she is searching for her old fiance. Zzzzzz. It sure would have been nice of her to leave a good-bye note for Alicia who was trying to make her feel better. Will someone please take a bite out of Ofelia? At this point, the only way I want to see her is if she is discovering Daniel, who has been sorely missed.

Just when I started singing Madison’s praises, the first idea of Nick nearby makes her lose her mind again and she not only endangers her group at the grocery store but when they return at night, she flips on this giant, neon hotel sign. Sure, that brought in Travis but who else saw it? When Alicia scolded her mother for doing this, she was, yet again, trying to convince Madison that she needs to appreciate what’s in front of her. You’re wasting your breath, Alicia. It’s called co-dependence.

When Travis showed up as a last minute surprise, giving us his best tortured Travis look as he trudges towards Madison’s hotel, I perked up because I’m guessing we’ll see how he and Chris were parted, next week. I’m sure it will be a good story.




  • That cold open with the family of three escaping? Again with using walker guts as camouflage!
  • Poco cielo means, “little sky”.
  • I want to make it clear that I’m not trying to gang up on actress, Mercedes Mason. I think she was short shifted by writers from the very beginning and there is no going back with such an awful character. This attempt at development feels so forced.
  • So Nick is now almost fluent in Spanish. That was fast.


Nicolina Torres
Nicolina Torres

Nikki worked for Barnes & Noble for 15 years, in seven stores. She is the author of This Red Fire, Young Nation, and Girls Who Wear Glasses. She prefers to live in the country and is a new aunt to a potential bookworm.

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