It’s that time of year to start planning your vacation and what’s more fun that living the life of your favorite characters and authors? Check out what I’ve been doing during my weekend of writer’s block. It rarely happens to me, but when it does you have to understand that I’m up to something bookish. Below is a treasure trove of literary tours and adventures that I’m dying to schedule for myself. Keep an eye on event pages because even if you miss this year's literary gala, they'll promote the next one. I think I’d go on the Hound of the Baskervilles Tour, first.

REQUISITE DISCLAIMER: The owner of this site is not responsible for the actions or illegal activity of any third-party websites or companies listed on this site. This page exists to expose you to the vacation possibilities available. We use many photos on this website ( that fall under the creative commons license. We try to credit the authors as best we can but there are a lot of photos and mistakes happen. To that extent, if you see a photo we don’t have rights to or are using incorrectly, please alert us immediately so we can remove it or otherwise address the situation. It is up to the customer to investigate their options before purchasing a vacation or tour with anyone.  The owner of this site is not responsible for fraudulent behavior from third parties as well as injuries, death, crying babies on airplanes, cancellations, computer hack, lost baggage, muggings, poor weather, amnesia, lack of WIFI, Sticky Bandits, hotel disasters, or flesh wounds. Liability falls on the company or organization responsible for your tour, vacation package, or mode of travel. 

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