Old Bookstore Goes Up in Flames

Early this morning,¬†Tipp City, Ohio bookstore, Browse Awhile Books, went up in flames. Sadly, it was a complete loss and caused between $400,000 to $600,000 in damage. The building (built in 1871) is listed in National Park Services’s National Register of Historic Places.

Faulty wiring is believed to be the cause of the fire and two tenants above the bookstore lost everything. Bill Jones has been the owner since 1990 and apologizes for not responding to well wishers on Facebook. He’s understandably shaken. Some of the books were worth up to $3,000. This is easily every book lover’s nightmare.

I don’t like funding sites but if you are interested in helping Bill and Tipp City rebuild, go to the page the city set up HERE.

Nicolina Torres
Nicolina Torres

Nikki worked for Barnes & Noble for 15 years, in seven stores. She is the author of This Red Fire, Young Nation, and Girls Who Wear Glasses. She prefers to live in the country and is a new aunt to a potential bookworm.

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